Solar energy - a great and sustainable option for self-reliant India

#Energy source in India:

India's traditional energy sources have coal kingdom, which is 44 % of total energy consumption. Along with the share of oil and petroleum products is 23 %, the share of natural gas is 6 %, the contribution of hydroelectric energy is 2 % and the nuclear energy is 1 %, But, over the past few years, all these traditional sources have been decreasing. As a result, the importance of new and unconventional energy sources increased. The government also worked to promote unconventional energy sources and its maximum use through several schemes. Traditional energy sources have various options such as solar energy, wind energy, biogas, tidal energy from sea waves, geothermal energy. Among all these new energy sources, solar energy is emerging as the most popular energy sources and an enabling option for traditional sources.

#Identity of solar energy:

It is possible to convert sun rays into two useful forms - that are heat and lightning. Solar energy is a renewable and pure energy, available for years. India has an average of 300 days of full sunshine in a year. This is why we can create a lot of energy from this sunshine and as needed.

#Importance of Solar Energy / Reasons to be popular:

  • Clean and pollution free energy
  • Compatible with nature
  • Available in large quantities in India.
  • Solar energy is a boon for remote areas and all places where electricity is not available.
  • Solar energy-based devices are safe to handle.

#Solar and energy products:

The transformation of solar energy was in two types of thermal energy and electrical energy. Several equipment based on solar energy are used in India. Briefly know about it as follows:
Solar thermal equipment:

  • Solar water heater
  • Solar Cooker
  • Solar steam (waf) generation system
  • Solar Drying System
Solar surpassing system solar electrical equipment:
  • Solar Pump
  • Solar lantern
  • Solar power pack, home lighting and street lighting system
  • Solar signal system and blinkers
  • Solar advertising board, decorative light
#Benefits of Solar Energy System:
  • Solar energy can easily make electricity available as needed (due to sunlight during the day and night battery)
  • Solar energy is permanent. The use of this energy doesn't affect the environment at all, nor does pollution
  • Solar energy causes power cuts. Also, the use of expensive electricity is free for other works.
  • By excessive use of solar energy in daily life, more jobs can be done at less cost.
  • Power supply continues in low sunlight or cloudy weather (despite low capacity).
  • Using solar energy, cooking food, purifying impure water, boiling water, heating water, making steam, lighting paths and houses can be done.